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International Toy Soldiers Gallery

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Welcome Toy Soldier collectors!

We are a family business specializing in high quality collectible toy soldiers.  Hopefully we can share our enthusiasm of collecting these pieces of art!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  You may return your purchase no questions asked within 30 days for a full refund.  We only sell factory sealed items!

Getting Started?

Just click on the links  listed on the left side of all our web pages and you'll find information about each of the companies products.
King & Country Toy Soldiers are a good choice for the collector looking for a wide range of subjects, especially collectible figures and vehicles.   If you are looking for museum quality figures, the St. Petersburg collection offers a great selection.  As you browse the site you will find that we specialize in King & Country and only the best of the St. Petersburg figures.

21st Century and Forces of valor offer few figures but very nice die cast models of tanks, airplanes and armored vehicles at very affordable prices. 

How to purchase!

Purchasing is easy!  Click on the company links found throughout the various pages.  Find the category of the items you are looking for and click the link button to view them.  A list of available items will appear in a list format with small preview images next to a short description.  Click on the description to see more information about each particular item.  An add to cart button is provided either in the list view or detailed view.  Our shopping cart is secure.  Your information goes directly to the credit card processor.  Our staff never sees your credit card information and we don't share your personal information with anyone else.  On all toy soldiers the price listed is all you pay.  No tax or shipping charges apply to toy soldier purchases.  If we don't have an item you are looking for in stock we will do our best to find it for you!

If you have any questions about pieces please call us at 406-837-3453.

A little more information

We only sell factory sealed toy soldiers.  We do not sell repackaged display items.  On occasion we have noticed that some items may be slightly bent due to factory packaging.  This is common to all brands!  If you receive an item and it has a slight bend to an accessory simply warm the part up between your thumb and forefinger.  Gently bend it to the desired position.  This does not compromise the value of the piece.  At your request we will be happy to inspect items before shipping them to you. 

Information about Toy soldiers

Toys soldiers are available in a large variety of subjects and materials of composition such as metal, resin and plastic. To create a toy soldier a skilled artist must create the initial carvings or sculptures also called the masters (Click here to see some prototypes). Masters can be created in wax, epoxy, clay, resin or wood depending on the artists choice. These masters are molded and the molds used to cast the finished toy soldiers in metal. Metals most commonly used may be lead, pewter, tin, gold, silver and bronze. Once toy soldiers are cast in metal they are hand painted by skilled artisans using acrylics or enamel paints. Vehicles tend to be cast in Polystone but there are companies that produce vehicle made of metal.

The scale of toy soldiers varies significantly between manufacturers. Most fall into the 1/32 scale or 54mm. A few manufacturers of toy soldiers produce 1/30 scale toy soldiers. These toy soldiers tend to be slightly larger than other brands and we don't recommend combining them with the 1/32 toy soldiers due to the discrepancy in their heights. We feel the advantage of the larger size figures is the increase of details the sculptors can work into each piece. Brands that produce 1/32 scale toy soldiers are Forward March, Camp Randall, HJB Figures, Pickelhaube, Britains, Conte, St. Petersburg Collection, King & Country produces toy soldiers in the 1/30 scale. These toy soldiers are not compatible with other brands except HJB toy soldiers.

Toy soldiers can be cast in limited or unlimited quantities. These limited quantities are also called "editions". Edition sizes for most toy soldier companies tend to be around 500 castings but some may run over 1000.

There are several companies that produce dioramas and accessories for toy soldiers. King & Country, JG Miniatures, Build-A-Rama, Kancali, Scenic Modeler, William James Collection are well know manufacturers of scenics and dioramas for 1/32 & 1/30 scale toy soldiers.

Several companies produce high quality die cast metal vehicles to accompany 1/32 scale toy soldiers. These are Forces of Valor, 21st Century Toys, Minichamps and Corgi.

A little about King & Country

The first time we saw the world war II pieces made by King & Country we were impressed. The vehicles have great detail but its the character of the people that really caught our attention. The expression is excellent and the pieces come alive. We are highly excited about King & Country! Especially the King & Country new releases!

Description All pieces are in the 1/30 size category.
You'll find that King & Country figures & vehicles are slightly larger than most other brands. They tend to run 60mm in height rather than the standard 54mm that traditional 1/32 figures are measured. This allows for more detail and expression. The figures are cast in pewter and the vehicles and buildings are cast in polystone. (Click here to see some prototypes) The wheels move on armored vehicles and jeeps. Vehicles with tracks such as tanks have moveable turrets and gun barrels but the tracks and most hatches are static. The static tracks do not detract from the piece. Edition sizes are around 500 castings but some may run over 1000.

We would consider King & Country's figures collectible. Most of all we recommend King & Country because the quality of expression in the figures!

King & Country History

King & Country was founded in 1984 in Hong Kong by two expatriate Scots, Andy C. Neilson and Laura McAllister.
Andy, a former Royal Marine Commando had been interested in and collecting toy soldiers since a young boy. Laura provided the solid business background and support. From humble beginnings, King & Country has developed into one of the world's major designers and producers of all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale military and civilian miniatures.
In addition to their metal miniatures figures, King & Country has also developed an amazing and expanding range of scale model buildings, fighting vehicles and tanks, ships and aircraft, all made of polyresin. As well as producing their own ranges King & Country also designs and manufactures "corporate gifts" for companies in the publishing, airline and premium business.
From their headquarters in Hong Kong, King & Country oversees every stage of design, development and production in mainland China. They also take part in trade and collector shows in Europe and the U.S. Among King & Country's best-selling ranges are "Streets of Old Hong Kong" --- a colorful and dynamic series of Chinese figures and buildings depicting street life in-turn-of-the century Colonial Hong Kong. Their various "World War Two" series encompass figures, fighting vehicles and buildings that stretch from the shores of D. Day Normandy to the sands of Iwo Jima and all points in between! Two recent additions are the German Afrika Korps and the British Eighth Army.
Other exciting and colourful series cover such diverse topics as "The Age of Napoleon" and "The American Revolutionary War". They even produce the Roman Army of Julius Caesar. One of King & Country recent releases is "In The Time of The Pharaoh". This colourful series travels back in time to the splendour and magnificence of Ancient Egypt. More contemporary series also include the recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As King & Country continues to grow and develop they remain totally committed to producing unique and collectable military and civilian miniatures that are the finest on the market and at price levels affordable to their customers…both individual and corporate.

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Brands of Toy Soldiers available from the International Toy Soldiers Gallery:

King and Country Brand of Toy Soldiers; D Day 44 Americans, Waffen SS, Battle of the Bulge,British 8th Army, Fall of Berlin, Iwo Jima,  Leibstandarte, Day British, King and Country Toys Soldiers: Waffen SS Berlin, WWII New Releases, American Revolution New Releases, Afrika Korps, American Revolution Americans, American Revolution British, New Leibstandarte, Leibstandarte, Ancient Egypt, Age of Napoleon French, Age of Napoleon British, Special Forces Iraq, Special Forces Afghanistan, Streets of Old Hong Kong, Romans, British Scot Guards, Blackwatch on Parade, Today's Royal NavyhristmasHJB Brand of Toy Soldiers, Germans, Camp Randall Brand of Toy Soldier; WWI Americans, WW1 French, WWI Germans, Scenics, Forward March Brand of Toy Soldiers; Agincourt, American Civil War, American Civil War Medical Series, Individual Figures; D Day Americans & British, Berlin 38, Waffen SS, Germans Rodden Heraldic Brand of Toy Soldiers, Pickelhaube Brand of Toy Soldiers, Britain's Brand of Toy Soldiers; Armored Vehicles, Infantry, Artillery & Crews, Scenics, Conte brand of Toy Soldiers; British,  German, Waffen SS, St. Petersburg Collection, Forces of Valor, 21st Century, T & M Co., Osprey Publishing, Scenics: JG Miniatures, JG Miniatures, Build-A-Rama; Accessories Regular,  Winter, Kancali, Scenic Modeler, William James Collection. Links. More arriving soon!

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